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Welcome to the heavenly realm of astrology readings! Dive into the cosmos and uncover the profound messages that the stars have in store for you. I provide a variety of transformative astrological readings to reveal your journey and inspire you to embrace your true self. 

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Are you prepared to set off on a fascinating cosmic voyage where the stars align and magic grows? Welcome to Cosmic Love Letter, a place where astrology and seduction meet and the universe unveils the hidden meanings of your most passionate desires

cosmic love letter

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With the Cosmic Love Note, you can go into the depths of your cosmic existence. This personalized reading will reveal the mysteries of your rising sign, sun, and moon, providing profound insights into your personality, emotions, and the deepest parts of your spirit. 

Cosmic Love Note

Cancellation Policy

Please note that due to the personalized nature of this service,The fee for the service is non-refundable, as it reflects the time and effort I put into creating a personalized reading for you. *While I do my best to provide accurate and helpful information, please remember that astrology is not a substitute for professional advice or therapy. You are responsible for your own choices and actions. Thank you for considering my basic natal chart reading service. I look forward to exploring your cosmic fingerprint with you.

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