What is Astrology

Updated: Sep 22

It’s not what you think it is! Throughout the ages, our hearts and minds have been captivated by the sky. Our Ancestors observed the Moon's pull on the tides and the Sun's influence on the seasons. Everything reflected a dance that moved to the rhythm of life & death. Today, there are many misconceptions about Astrology. I hope to address some of them here and to give you a better understanding of how you can use astrology to live life more fully. Astrology is not a religion. Astrology is a system of study and observation, not a belief system. It’s been practiced for thousands of years and by many cultures. Though Astrology is mentioned in holy texts and stories throughout history, the practice of Astrology itself does not belong to any religion. That being said, anyone can study astrology! It doesn’t matter if you’re religious, atheist, or fall somewhere in between. Everyone can find value in learning from the stars. Astrology is a Science and a Language. Ancient scientists dedicated their lives to tracking the patterns of the stars and making predictions about how those patterns would be mirrored here on Earth. And before the days of websites like Cafe Astrology, they would spend hours performing complex mathematical equations in order to draw up an astrological chart. Something we now take for granted. After drawing this chart, they would translate a complex language dealing with the signs, houses, planets, and aspects, among many other points. Taking all of this into consideration, they would use this information to learn about the people around them and even to predict major events. Astrology itself isn’t based entirely on myth and lore. It was born from thousands of years of scientific study and observation by some of the greatest minds in history. Astrology for self-care. Reading your Astrology horoscope can be fun, but really getting to know your Natal Chart can set you on the path to true self-care. The Natal Chart is a snapshot of each planet’s position in the sky at the exact moment you were born. The position of the planets, the house and sign they’re in, and the aspect they make to eachother all create your chart. Your chart can you everything from your communication style to your relationship with money. You learn how and where to set boundaries in your life and also how to enforce them. Most

importantly, Astrology can teach you how to play up your strengths while working through your weaknesses. When used to its fullest, Astrology can help you truly thrive in all areas of your life. Astrology has been practiced and studied since the first humans looked to the night sky. Today, it’s shrouded in mystery and lore. But once you really begin to study Astrology, you realize how much of it is based on science and history. Setting aside the notion that Astrology is a religious practice, you’ll find that it’s something anyone can dive into. The more you know about astrology, the more you can use it as an effective tool for ultimate self-care. If you would like to learn more about your Birth Chart, feel free to Book a Reading