The Meaning of the planets in Astrology

Updated: Sep 22

Long before telescopes were invented, ancient astrologers looked to the sky and observed its nightly shifts and changes. They noted that some stars would remain unmoving while others would wander about the sky. These wandering stars were what we now know as Planets. Knowing and understanding the planets in Astrology is an integral part of having a well-rounded grasp of the Astrological language. The planets tell us what specific energy will manifest for us here on Earth.

An important thing to note is, the Sun and Moon are both considered planets in Astrology and are known as “luminaries”. Those two plus Mercury, Venus, and Mars are described as “inner planets” and move quickly from sign to sign. They have more of an immediate effect on our day-to-day activity. Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto move far more slowly around the Sun and are known as “generational planets”. This is because they only change signs every generation or so.

In this post, I’m going to discuss the Planets in Astrology and how you can use them to gain more in-depth knowledge about your birth chart.

Dignified/ Exalted- the planet can express itself more freely

Detriment/ Fall -. Means it has to work harder to express itself.

The Sun

Rules Leo

Dignified - leo

Detriment - Aquarius

Exulted -Aries

Fall -Libra

House it governs- 5th

Rules -Sunday

Body- The Heart

Tarot- The Sun card

Herbs- St. John’s wort sunflower birch candles rue rosemary eyebright

The Sun

When someone asks you “What’s your sign?” and you answer something along the lines of “I’m a Scorpio!” or “I’m a Gemini!” you’re talking about your Sun Sign. This is the most known and talked about sign when discussing Astrology. It’s important to note that it’s not the only deciding factor when it comes to your personality. However, it’s still a very important sign to consider. Just as the Sun in our solar system brings life to us here on Earth, the Sun in astrology brings life to our birth chart.

The Sun changes signs once a month. Ruled by Leo, it rules your ego, your personality, how you see yourself, and how you consciously present yourself to the world.In our chart - The sun represents our ego & our personality. How we want to be seen in the world.

Your sun sign will represent the goals you chose & how you accomplish those goals. The sun is what is driving our chart. It does not represent our whole self; this is what the birth chart is for.

The Sun also rules any father figures or your more masculine parent. When living in alignment with our Sun’s energy, we’re creative, purposeful, and authentically confident. However, if we fall out of alignment with our Sun, true confidence falters. We become boastful, egotistical, and selfish.

The sun is the center of our solar system. It takes about 365 days to travel around earth. It is the source of our energy, light warmth & gives life to earth. Without it we would not be able to have seasons here on earth or life.

The Moon

Rules cancer

Dignified Cancer

Determinant Capricorn

Exalted Taurus

Fall Scorpio

House - 4th

Rules Monday

Body - the chest & stomach

Tarot The Highpriestess

Herbs willow camphor liliac coconut cucumber hibiscus

The Moon

The moon, ruled by Cancer, is the fastest moving “planet”. It changes signs about every 2 - 3 days.The moon reflects 7% of the sun's light. The Moon rules over our emotions. It determines what we need to feel safe, secure, and “at home”. Your Moon sign can also tell you about your mother or the more nurturing parental figures in your life.

Being the planet of feelings, the Moon rules over our mood and how we emotionally react to various situations.In our chart - the moon represents our emotions, subconscious, intuition. It will show how we emotionally respond to the world around us. It is a reflection of how we feel & what we need to feel secure & protected. It is connected to our past, our childhood memories & past experiences.

The moon represents our mother or the person who nurtured us.

The Sun is more logical while the moon is instinctual. It deals with the past (including past lives) and your ancestry.

When we’re in alignment with our Moon, we feel safe, grounded, and emotionally stable. Falling out of alignment with our Moon means we become fearful and moody. The energy of the Moon is quiet, introspective, and secretive. The whole world can see your Sun sign. But only those who you’re absolutely comfortable with earn the privilege of seeing you fully express your Moon.


Rules Gemini Virgo

Dignified Gemini

Determinant Sagittarius

Exalted Virgo

Fall Pisces

House 3-6

Rules Wednesday

Body- Respiratory system

Tarot The magician

Herbs almond fern honey wort valerian jacob's ladder lavender myrtle pomegranate


Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and takes about 2.5 days to travel through each sign. The sign Mercury falls in influences how you talk, gather and process information, and your communication style. This is quite the logical planet, more interested in facts and data and less interested in emotions.

This planet rules technology and thus, how we use it to communicate. Often our first interaction with someone is through email, a DM, or a comment on a social media post. It influences our communication style on these platforms and how we come across when we make that initial contact. Mercury is also infamously known for its retrograde period which happens 3-4 times a year. Often this is when technology fails us, arguments flare, and travel plans go awry.

When we’re in alignment with our Mercury, we’re curious and communicate effectively. But when we lose touch with this planet, we can become nervous, indecisive, and high-strung.

Mercury is always 28 degrees near the sun. It takes 88 days to travel around the sun

Retrogrades about every 4 m

For 20/24 days

In our chart Mercury represents the way we communicate, our learning style, how we process information. In our birth chart it will describe what we think about, how we communicate, & what we like talking about. It represents our siblings along with the 3rd house . It shows our relationship with our neighbors, cousins, aunts & uncles.

Rules Taurus & libra

Dignified Libra

Determinant Aries

Exalted Pisces

Fall Virgo

House 2/7

body-Throat & kidneys

Rules Friday

Tarot The Empress

Herbs apple - apple blossoms, birch , cocoa, daisies, daffodil, lemon balm.

Venus- reflects 80% of the sun's light. The time it takes to travel around the Sun is about 243 days. Enuse will retrograde every 18 month for about 40 days. Every 8 years it returns to the same zodiac sign.


in your chart - shows how you give affection & how you receive. Your relationship towards money, love & what you value. How we relate to others-how we show love & how we make ourselves attractive.

The number 13 used to be sacred because of its connection to Venus & this is how it is connected to 13.

Every 8 years Venus returns to about the same point in the sky.