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The Hermit Card

The Hermit Card: Inner Guidance and Solitude

Rider Waite tarot
The hermit card

The Hermit card, is a message of seeking truth and wisdom through solitude. This card is about the importance of self-reflection and the insights gained by turning inward. The Hermit navigates the path of self-discovery, showing that you too have the opportunity to uncover your inner truths. The Hermit card reminds you that solitude can be a source of profound wisdom. By embarking on the journey within, you can illuminate the depths of your soul and gain clarity in the midst of life's uncertainties.

Numerology Meaning (9): The Hermit card aligns with the number 9, symbolizing wisdom, introspection, and completion. This number embodies the journey towards self-discovery and understanding.

Elemental Connection (Virgo - Earth): Aligned with the Earth element and influenced by Virgo, The Hermit represents practicality, introspection, and the connection to the physical world. Earth symbolizes grounding and the tangible aspects of life.

Astrological Connection (Virgo): The Hermit card's connection to Virgo emphasizes its themes of analytical thinking, inner guidance, and the pursuit of self-knowledge.

Keywords (Upright and Reversed):

  • Upright: Solitude, introspection, inner guidance, wisdom, seeking answers within.

  • Reversed: Isolation, withdrawal, ignoring inner wisdom, avoidance of self-reflection.


  • Lantern: The lantern held by The Hermit symbolizes the quest for inner truth and illumination. It represents the light of wisdom gained through introspection.

  • Mountain: The mountain in the background signifies the spiritual journey and challenges that must be overcome to gain insight. It suggests the need for self-discipline and dedication.

  • Staff: The staff The Hermit carries represents his wisdom and authority. It also serves as a tool for support during his solitary journey.

  • Robe and Hood: The robe and hood signify The Hermit's retreat from the external world to focus on inner contemplation. This symbolism reflects his detachment from material concerns.


The Hermit card signifies a period of introspection and inner searching. Just as The Hermit holds the lantern to guide his path in the darkness, we're encouraged to seek answers within ourselves and illuminate our understanding.

Reversed Interpretation:

In the reversed position, The Hermit might indicate a reluctance to engage in introspection or a tendency to avoid solitude. It could suggest the need to reconnect with inner wisdom and embrace moments of self-reflection.

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