The Seasons Of The Witch

Updated: Oct 4

What Are The Seasons Of The Witch? To Put It Simply, They Help Us To Honor Death And Birth While Embracing The Changes The Seasons Bring. Their Solar Celebrations, Also Known As Sabbaths Or The Wheel Of The Year. When Our Ancestors Observed The Changing Seasons And The Path Of Our Sun Across The Sky, They Noticed The Ebb And Flow Of Mother Nature. They Began To Move, Plan And Thrive With The Seasons. The Wheel Of The Year Consists Of Eight Celebrations That Mark The Beginning And End Of Each Season.

These Solar Celebrations, Also Known As Solstice, Equinox, And Cross-Quarter Celebrations, Mark The Midpoint Of The Seasons. The Solar Festivals Or The Equinox And Solstice Start On The Cardinal Signs Of The Zodiac: Summer Solstice In Cancer, Winter Solstice In Capricorn, The Fall Equinox Is In Libra, And Spring Equinox In Aries.A Solstice Occurs When The Sun Reaches Its Most Southern Or Northern Point In The Sky. Those Living In The Northern Hemisphere Experience Summer While Those Living In The Southern Hemisphere Experience Winter, And Vice Versa. During The Summer Solstice, The Earth’s Poles Reach Their Maximum Tilt Towards The Sun. The Opposite Happens During The Winter Solstice When The Poles Reach Their Maximum Tilt Away From The Sun. These Celebrations Mark The Sun’s Position In The Sky And Prepare Us For Longer Days Or Longer Nights. Just As There Are 8 Major Cycles To The Moon, There Are 8 Solar Cycles That Correspond To The Sun. While We Celebrate The Cycle Of The Moon From New To Full, We Also Celebrate The Cycle Of The Sun By Paying Attention To The Length Of Day And Night. When You Connect To The Ebb And Flow Of Mother Nature, You Are Better Equipped To Embody Her Energy And To Fully Embrace The Changing Chapters Of Your Life. The Wheel Of The Year Is Not Only About The Cycle Of Mother Nature But Also About The Cycle Of Our Soul.Death And Birth Through StoriesOne Of The Most Recounted Stories Throughout Modern History Is The Birth, Death, And Resurrection Of Jesus Christ. It’s Easy To Compare These Stories In An Interesting Way. The Synchronistic Timing Of These Events Tie Themselves Together On Our Calendar. The Sun Goes Through Death And Rebirth Throughout The Year, Just As Jesus Did Over The Course Of A Few Days. In Greek Mythology, The Same Story Of Death And Rebirth Can Be Tied To Persephone And Her Journey To The Underworld. Persephone Was The Daughter Of Demeter, The Goddess Of Fertility, Agriculture, And The Harvest. The Two Were Inseparable. When Persophone Went Missing, Demeter Noticed Immediately. She Frantically Looked For Her Daughter, Only To Discover That Hades, The God Of The Underworld, Had Kidnapped Her. Demeter Fell Into Deep Grief As She Realized What Happened And The Consequences Of Her Daughter Being Taken To The Underworld. After Spending Some Time In The Underworld, Persephone Made A Deal With Hades. She Ate Six Pomegranate Seeds, Tying Her To The Underworld For Six Months, And She Was Allowed To Live On Earth With Her Mother For The Remaining Six Months Of The Year. Every Time Persephone Returned To The Underworld, Demeter Was So Filled With Grief That Nature Reflected Her Sorrow, Causing The Weather To Turn Frigid And Cold With Despair. Nature Seemed To Die And Wither Away. And When Persephone Returned, Spring Came With Her And The Cycle Of Life Began Anew.The Story Of Demeter And Persephone Illustrates That There Is No Right Or Wrong Way To Grieve. The Elements And Emotions Surrounding Grief Are Complex. But No Matter What, We Must Make Room To Honor These Moments Of Darkness Because, Without Them, Moments Of Light Wouldn’t Exist.The Sun's Journey Through The Zodiac.There Are 8 Solar Celebrations Marking The Sun’s Journey Through The Zodiac. These Celebrations Are Known As The Equinoxes And Solstices, And They Mark The Beginning, Midpoints, And End Of Each Season. As The Earth Revolves Around The Sun At A 23°Angle, Either Its Upper Or Lower Hemisphere Is Closer Or Farther Away From The Sun. This Causes The Warming And Cooling We Experience As The Seasons Change. Because Of This 23° Angle, Earth Remains In A Cycle Of Constantly Warming Or Cooling In Different Hemispheres On The Planet. The Hours Of Day And Night Are Always In Flux. As We Move Through Winter, The Nights Get Longer And As Summer Approaches, The Evenings Are Shorter.But Twice A Year For A Fleeting Moment, Equilibrium Is Achieved. The Hours Of Night And Day Are The Same. This Is Called An Equinox, Which Means Equal Parts Day And Night. This Only Happens Twice During A Calendar Year! Once In The Zodiac Of Libra In Autumn And Again In Aries In The Springtime. We Call These Days With Equal Hours The Spring And Autumn Equinoxes. When The Earth’s Northern Or Southern Hemisphere Is At Its Closest Point To The Sun, That Point Would Be Considered To Be Its “Summer” Solstice . The Opposite Is True, That When The Hemisphere Is Furthest From The Sun, Winter Solstice Has Been Achieved. Interesting That Depending On Where You Are In The World It Could Be Either Winter Or Summer. These Extremes Are The Summer Or Winter Equinoxes. We Have All Passively Felt These Changes And Grew To Know Them As The Changes Of The Season. Summer And Winter Solstices Occur In The Zodiac Sign Of Cancer & Capricorn. Astro Tip: Know The Equinox & Solstice Start On The Cardinal Parts Of The Zodiac. Tarot Tip**

You See This In The High Priestess Card. The Pillars Next To Her Represent The Extremes Of Dualities Of Cancer & Capricorn. The Pomegranate Vail Behind Her Emphasises The Seasons Changing Because Of Persephone’s Story. This Story Is Not Only About Change But About Grief & How It Can Truly Impact Everything Around Us.

The Cross Quarter Celebrations The Cross Quarter Celebrations Sound Exactly Like What They Are. These Are Celebrations That Mark The Midpoint In Between The Equinoxes & Solstices. These Celebrations Happen When The Sun Is At 15 Degrees Into One Of The Fixed Signs. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. Cross Celebrations In Tarot Tip **

You Actually See This Reflected In The Tarot Card The Wheel Of Fortune. The Fixed Signs Are Represented As Starting To The Lower Left Of The Card Taurus The Bull With Wings Leo The Lion The Eagle Representing Scorpio The Angle Representing Aquarius. The Cross Quarter Or Fire Celebrations Mark The Halfway Point Between Solstice & Equinox. They Are Imbolc, Beltane, Lughnasadh, And Samhain. Each Occurs When The Sun Is At 15 Degrees Of The Fixed Signs: Taurus – Betlane, Leo-Laughnassadn Lammas, Scorpio-Samhain, And Aquarius – Imbolc The Cross-Quarter Celebrations Sound Exactly Like What They Are. They’re Celebrations That Mark The Midpoint Between The Equinoxes And Solstices. These Celebrations Occur When The Sun Is 15 Degrees Into One Of The Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio Or Aquarius.Each Of These Solar Celebrations Are Tailored To That Exact Season & Cycle. So Every Celebration Is Tailored To Where The Placement Of The Sun Is. Here Is A Quick Overview Of The Dates & Common Name These Solar Celebrations Are Known As. Northern Hemisphere Common Names For The Seasons Of The Witch (Also Known As The Equinoxes, Solstices) And The Midpoints Between Them. February 1st: Imbolc Or Vernal Equinox. This Is When The Sun Is Right Above The Equator, Making Daylight And Evening Hours Equal. Imbolc (Also Known As Bridges Day Or Candlemas) Imbolc Falls Between February 1st And 5th .This Marks The Midpoint Between Seasons. We Are Between Winter & Spring. Winter Solstice When The Sun Is At 0 Degrees Capricorn And Spring When The Sun Is At Exactly 0 Degrees In Aries. But Imbolc Is Celebrated When The Sun Is 15 Degrees In Aquarius. Southern Hemisphere This Would Be In August Between The 1-6.Apr 30th- May 1st Beltane This Is The Second Midpoint Holiday. Beltane Is Celebrated Beginning At Sunrise On April 30th In The Northern Hemisphere And Ending At Sundown On May 1st. (In The Southern Hemisphere: October 31st Through November 1st). Alternatively, It’s Celebrated When The Sun Is Positioned At 15 Degrees Taurus.Summer Solstice June 20-21 Midsummer LithaSummer Solstice When The Sun Enters Cancer At 0* Degrees In The Northern Hemisphere Around June 20th-21st, We Celebrate The Summer Solstice. In The Southern Hemisphere, It’s Celebrated Around Dec 20th-23rd. Summer Solstice Celebrates The Sun’s Peak In The Sky And The Longest Day Of The Year.August 1st Fall Equinox Autumn Equinox (Or Lammas)Mabon Lughnasadh And The Third Midpoint Holiday. Autumn Equinox Is Celebrated When The Sun Enters A 0 Degrees Libra In The Northern Hemisphere Around September 22nd-23rd. In The Southern Hemisphere, This Is Around March 20th-23rd Autumn Equinox, We Celebrate The Abundance That We Accumulated During The Summer When The Sun Was At Its Brightest And Gifted Us With So Much Life. We Celebrate This Season When The Sun Is At 15* Degrees In Leo In The Northern Hemisphere, Around August 1st- 5th. In The Southern Hemisphere, This Is Around February 2nd. Individuals Only Celebrate The Four Solar Events, The Solstice And Equinoxes.October 31st- Nov 1st Halloween, Saints Eve, All Saints Day, Day Of The Dead, All Hallows Eve. This Is A Mid Point Celebration. Samhain Samhain Marks The Start Of The Winter Season When The Sun Is At 15 Degrees Scorpio In The Northern Hemisphere. This Is On Oct 31st – Nov 1st And In The Southern Hemisphere On April 30th – May 1st.December 21st-22nd Winter Solstice Yule (Or Winter Solstice Or Midwinter) Is Celebrated When The Sun Enters 0 Degrees Capricorn Around December 20th-23rd In The Northern Hemisphere And Around June 20-23 In The Southern Hemisphere. Yule Shows Us The Long Nights Have Come To An End And The Sunlight Will Begin To Lengthen Our Days.