The Color symbolism of Tarot

Updated: Sep 22

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Pablo Picasso

Did you know that tarot can speaks to us in colors?

We have been using colors to communicate for years, and may have used it to survive. Colors can represent different things to different cultures, religions, politics, beliefs, & even our Moods. *(Remember Mood rings 😆)

No one really knows why the tarot was created. Some think it was created to teach esoteric knowledge through its art. Every card tells a unique story through its art, and can communicated to each person’s intuition differently. The tarot was created with the intention for everyone to be able to read. The language barrier gets blurred with the use of the art, colors and symbolism. Colors help us communicate invisibly without words; this is why they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

The animal kingdom has been color coding the toxicity of organism for centuries. Brightly colored plants, brightly colored snakes, amphibians, even the pattern on animals’ skin are found to signal, stay away. Colors trigger our emotions, and colors subconsciously have an effect on us whether we know it or not. They make us respond without actually communicating verbally. When you start to pay attention, you will see a lot of the color symbolism everywhere. You will start to notice a rhythm not only in tarot but in life around you. From our uniforms, to the decoration at a restaurant, doctors office, our makeup, ect. Colors help express a thousand words without ever saying anything. Let’s talk about colors and how they can help you read the tarot if we look at what colors mean and look at cards, we can help stimulate an intuitive reading. I want you to look at your cards and how do they make you feel? What memories do they stimulate? Do you get triggered by the colors? Meaning do they stimulate strong emotions. Let’s look at

White it can be symbolic for: purity or perfection. It will also be associated with cleanliness, Emptiness, openness, divinity, wholeness or innocence.

Red can be symbolic for: strong passionate emotions like excitement, temptation, aggression, love, anger, sexual passion. It can symbolize loyalty, strength, power, Drive, courage. It often screams for attention or warning like a caution. It can show strong emotions like impulsiveness. It is also connected with the direction south.

Pink can be symbolic for: love, friendship, it can represent self-esteem, compassion, admiration, tranquility, nurturing, safety, and vulnerability.

Orange is symbolic for warmth, confidence, communication, creativity. It represents friendliness, playful, cheer fullness, enthusiasm, adventurous, independence and joy.

Yellow can symbolize enthusiasm,faith,ideals, virtue illumination, intellect, truthfulness, immortality, consciousness, self-expression, youthfulness, positivity. It can show emotions of happiness, confidence, enlightenment, warmth & optimism. It can also show treason, treachery, quarantine & humility. It also represents spring & the direction East & the element of air

Green is symbolic for: healing growth fertility, abundance, new life, nature, rebirth, stability, balance, safety, reliability, abundance, wealth, harmony, possessions, encouragement, it could also be associated with emotions like Stubbornness, forceful, & rash. It’s connected with the direction North

Blue is symbolic for: serenity, peace, responsibility, mental clarity, spirituality, calming, relaxing, loyalty, truth, revelation, wisdom, sadness. It brings emotions of serenity, peace, i

t’s connected with responsibility, The direction west And spring

purple is symbolic for: wisdom, spirituality, reflection, imagination, intuition, other realities, mysticism, leadership, royalty, pride, justice, problem solving, luxury, sophistication, Material obsession,

Black is symbolic for banishment, mystery, disruption, intensity, the unconscious or what is hidden or unknown, our shadow or the dark side of life, protection. It is also formal, sophisticated, secretive, it shows elegance. It is the void, rebirth, transformation, resurrection, oppression, Death loss, Fear, terror, nightmare, manipulation, shame, despair, humiliation, and chaos.

Gray can show maturity; it can symbolize conservative, formality, maturity, protection, refuge, it can show emotions of compromise, neutrality, detachment, disconnection, Stress, procrastination, frustration, gloom, doubt, depression, sorrow, loss, mourning, grief, & emptiness.

Brown can be very grounding, it shows stability, Security, reliability, safety, honestly, wholesome, safety, practicality, warmth and wholeness. Can also show stubbornness

Okay, we are going to use this in practice with a few cards & the most commonly known Rider-Waite tarot deck.