Updated: Sep 22

Singling Out And Ostracizing People For Their Beliefs Is Something That Has Been Practiced For Thousands Of Years. Many Cultures And Ethnic Groups Have Experienced This The World Over. You Can Look To The Historical Treatment Of Witches As A Prime Example. The Fact Of The Matter Is, The Act Of Ostracizing A Person Or Group Based On Their Beliefs Is An Act Of Supremacy. When Someone Behaves In This W Ay, They’re Making An Attempt To Control Or Influence Others In A Way They Feel Is Acceptable And Gives Them More Power.

Historically, Being Called A Witch Was A Way For Society To Ostracize People And Condemn Them To Horrible Fates. Many Have Been Killed Because Their Beliefs Don’t Align With What Was Deemed Acceptable. For Example, Women Who Were Unmarried And Had No Children Were Considered Witches And, Therefore, Deserved To Be Punished. Often The Tactic Of Ostracising Someone Is Used As A Tactic To Take Something Of Value. To Continue Using The Example Of Witches, A Woman Who Was Widowed And Unmarried Might Become The Target Of The Church Due To Them Wanting To Take Control Of The Land She Now Owned.

Being Rejected And Cast Out Of A Group Can Have Detrimental Effects On Individuals. Humans Evolved To Survive In A Social Dynamic. When We’re Pushed Out Of Our Groups, We Feel Unsafe And Long To Be Reintroduced. It’s This Innate Fear Of Being Excluded That Subconsciously Forces People To Go Against Their Core Values In Order To Continue To “Fit In”.

This Can Be A Tactic Of Abuse On Both Large And Small Scales.

On A Smaller Scale, A Person Might Face The Threat Of Being Ostracized From Their Family Unit, Church, Or Another Important Group. Psychologically, The Group Convinces A Person That If They Leave, Not Only Are They “Bad” Or “Evil” But That Support And Safety Won’t Be Available To Them When They Go. This Tactic Can Keep People In Emotionally Or Even Physically Abusive Situations For Much Longer Than Necessary.

On A Larger Scale, A Group Might Face Attack When There Are Economic Or Societal Upheavals. Looking For A Scapegoat In Order To Placate The Masses And Divert Attention Away From The Issue, People In Power Blame One Group For The Issues Of The Collective. One Of The Most Learned Examples Of This Is The Holocaust, Where The Jewish People Were Blamed For The Economic Hardships Of Germany, Causing One Of The Largest Mass Genocides Of A Cultural Group In Modern History.

There Are Some Signs To Look Out For When Dealing With A Person Or Organization That’s Trying To Manipulate You Into Giving Them Your Power. First, They Make You Feel As If Any Beliefs You Carried Before Meeting Them Are Incorrect Or Even “Bad”. In Doing So, They Might Try To Constantly “Correct” What You Believe In Order To Make You Rely On Them For Your Practices. Finally, They’ll Make An Attempt To Separate You From The Influence Of Others.

If Someone Tells You The Way You Practice Your Beliefs Is Wrong While Insisting Or Trying To Force You Into Doing It The “Right’, Have Caution As They May Be Attempting To Manipulate Or Dominate Your Beliefs. Also, Be Aware Of Any Systems Or Organizations That You’re In That Ostracize Their Members Based On Differences In Beliefs. People Involved In This Type Of Behavior Aren’t Acting From A Place Of Integrity And Should Be Avoided.