Numerology in the Tarot

Updated: Sep 23

you can read the tarot in so many ways numerology being one amazing layer.

numbers have been used for ever to communicate. Numbers are conscious energy and they alone represent a set of archetypes. number represents a cycle from the beginning to the end; it can help you identify different meanings to the cards

0 - which looks like an egg which is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. It is a symbol of regeneration

1 can symbolize beginnings. It can show unity or the sum of all possibilities . It's the spark of new energy & new opportunity. It is about individuality because even in isolation it is the original source of creation. It can represent independence & individuality. The pioneer who crates with its own self expression or the expression of the ego itself. It is the origin of all things because all numbers can be created just using 1. This is the first number representing communication, self expression, the macro & micro.

2 symbolizes the first duality & balance within everything because two separate entities are becoming one. It can represent partnerships & union. This is the first number to represent feeling. This also represents adaptability or change. In order for two things to come together there needs to be cooperation but when there is not it can show imbalance, division, diversity, conflict and even instability or dependency. This number is about emotions, intuition and our sensitivities.

3 can symbolize development & growth. It's about creativity, movement & self expression because it combines the qualities of both 2&1. 3 is about the expressions of our mentality. This is about the connections to our mind, body & soul. This is about expansion, creativity & growth.

You see the symbology of 3 everywhere. We are all familiar with the crone maiden

*body mind spirit -past present future- in the zodiac there are 3 qualities 3 wishes3 sisters father mother son 3goddesses 3 lunar deities triangle

4 symbolizes structure,stability, manifestation & boundaries in the universe or life. This is about the physical plane. Practicality & order. We have the 4 cardinal points, 4 elements, 4 seasons throughout the year, the major lunation cycles, 4 watches of the night, 4 directions, & the four major stages in our life from baby where we crawl to child, adult & the final stage where we are elders. It is about having a system or order in place.

5 is a very spiritual number. It can symbolize change, instability conflict, adaptability, versatility freedom, stress, love, challenges & change

5 pointed star 5 senses 5 finger's toes 5 Olympic rings Leonardo da Vinci's 5 pentacle of a man the Lutheran Lutheran rose has 4 petals and a red heart in the middle they petals symbolize faith and the heart and cross =faith of the heart. 5 books in the Torah. The pentacle of venus

6 can symbolize harmony, communication, harmony & Balance. It can represent justice, truth, community, compassion & service. Creativity & also destruction of creativity. It can show anxiety, stress and worry.

7 can be symbolic to spirituality, inner growth, rest solitude, soul searching wisdom. Refection, teaching & learning

8 Success, honor, awards, public recognition, progress and abundance wisdom. This is about wholeness. We have 8 seasons of the year or sabbats - you will see these reflected in the wheel of fortune. 8 is also symbolic to infinity the ouroboros or snake eating its tail symbolizing the different stages in life physical & spiritual.

9 can symbolize wisdom & completion. It can show compassion, sleeveless, compassion. This is the last number before the digits which symbolises the wisdom gained by going through all the experiences through life.

10 endings, beginnings, completion. This symbolizes the competition of the cycle. Which is the ending but with endings you have new beginnings.