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New Moon in Leo

Every month, the New Moon gives us a unique opportunity to reset, reorder, or adjust our lives. The New Moon in Leo on August 16 at 2:38 AM PT / 5:38 AM ET at 26 degrees marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Leo invites us to

embrace the possibility of new beginnings and renewed vitality.

🪐 Jupiter and Uranus Retrograde Square: Embrace the Unconventional

The pairing of the New Moon in Leo with retrograde Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus invites us to accept the unknown, just as the new moon does. This alignment's squares urge us to break out from typical patterns and broaden our perspectives. We are invited to unveil new parts of ourselves, daring to move outside our comfort zones in quest of growth and evolution, just like the moon does.

The New Moon joins forces with Venus retrograde, Mars, and the captivating Black Lilith, all within Leo's bright embrace. This celestial collaboration infuses the air with an alluring mix of passion, creativity, and a dash of defiance. This conjunction, like the moon's cyclical regeneration, pushes us to review our relationships, rekindle our interests, and delve into the depths of our aspirations, all while fearlessly expressing our genuine selves.

A harmonious trine occurs between the New Moon and Chiron in Aries within this cosmic drama. This alignment holds the possibility of healing, enabling us to repair old wounds and embrace our flaws. Our road towards wholeness necessitates both light and shadow, just as the moon does. We are empowered to go on a transforming path, one that celebrates our authenticity and fosters our progress, with the New Moon's energy as our guide.

Like clockwork, the New Moon invites us to reset our intentions, rearrange our priorities, and rebalance our lives. As the Leo New Moon aligns with Venus, Mars, Black Lilith, and Chiron, the cosmos grants us a unique opportunity to set forth on a journey of self-discovery and renewal. The squares with retrograde Jupiter and Uranus remind us that within the realm of the new, lies the unexplored. As we embrace the magic of this celestial event, let us ignite our passions, illuminate our path, and courageously embrace the ever-renewing cycles of life.

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