New Moon in Cancer

Updated: Oct 5

Happening at 7° happening on June 28, 2022 at 7:52 pm PT / 10:52 pm ET

This Cancer new moon, in particular, is encouraging us to dig down, start revitalizing our homes, and connect with those we love most. This New Moon falls underneath the emotional and watery sign of Cancer which is in conjunction with Lilith. Meaning Cancerian themes, like the traditions of our ancestors such as familial connections and your living space, will be prominent. With this New Moon in conjunction with lilith means we may wish to renounce old traditions that restrict our desires. These may be ones that our family holds dear. But embracing who you are can ultimately lead you on a healing journey.

-To see what house this is activating for you look where 7 ° Cancer is in your natal chart you can do this using Astro-seek

A powerful approach to establish your spirituality is to create your own rituals. However, for some it's unfamiliar ground. Keep in mind that the point of a ritual is to set an intention. This guide can be used to create your own ritual. By including any of these suggested tools in your practice.

-How to create your own ritual -

Use this as a guide meaning take what resonates and leave what does not. You can utilize any of these tools for ritual or intention setting purposes.

Remember You'll have plenty of time to harness the power of the New Moon because its energy can always be felt several days before and after.

There is equal chance for manifestation and intentional ritual work at each moon phase, But New moon rituals are a powerful time for renewal, manifestations, making intentions and planting seeds for the upcoming lunar cycle, as well as the coming six months.

Your guide to making your own Ritual for Cancer New Moon -

* You can work with Crystals, Herbs & Tarot Cards by concentrating on their energy while holding them in your hand or putting them on an altar, desk, etc. you can also carry them with you in your car, purse, pocket, or even your bath.

-also note you do not need to purchase any of these tools to work with them You can also utilize pictures of them as well.

-Crystals -

MoonStone Selenite Carnelian

-Tarot Cards-

Are an accessible Magical tool for Rituals, Manifestation & Spellwork. You can channel the energy associated with the cards by utilizing the symbolism within the cards.


- The Chariot- The High Priestess, 2 of Cups, 3 of Cups , 4 of Cups, Queen of Cups

* Remember to always research the plants you use & if you're using them in your skin or baths, do a small skin test to make sure you are not allergic. Always practice safety when you work with herbs.

-Astroherbalism -

There is a connection between plants and celestial bodies that we can observe and actively engage in spirituality & physically. Learning how the planets and plants are connected can help you expand your spiritual practice.

-Herbs Ruled by Cancer Or The Moon -

These are herbs that embody the energy of a sign. Aloe Vera, Milk Thistle, Chamomile,Camphor, Blue Lotus, Jasmine, Burdock Root, Hibiscus, Red Clover, Ginger, coconut, Lily, Fenugreek, Chickweed, Passionfruit, Myrrh, Poppy, Rose, Copal, Frankincense.

Rituals of Cancer These are suggested ritual and magical actions you might take to tap into the energy of a sign.

Psychic development. Past Life work. Dream work. Fertility rituals. Self-empowerment. Ancestry work. Revitalizing our home environment.