Leo Full moon

Full Moon at 27° Leo – February 16, 2022 at 8:56 am PT / 11:56 am ET

The Full Moon in Leo is one filled with love, creativity and self expression.

The sun and moon are in the Leo & Aquarius axis. Both Aquarius and Leo are focused on identifying our uniqueness and aligning with our true essence. In conjunction with the moon, the fixed star Al Jabhah gives a potent energy that inspires us to persist in the face of challenges. It's time for us to make choices that are in our best interests. With the asteroids Lilith and Eris We can embrace our Desires without hesitation and resist the expectations that others have placed on us. The lunar nodes of Taurus and Scorpio, are squared by the Leo full moon. This is about making choices that determine our own future since we are at a turning point. Venus and Mars are in a divine conjunction as well directing charged rays of passionate, creative, and harmonizing energies our way. Venus and Mars are also very creative forces that we can use for manifestations work in addition to for projects and inspiration. We can enhance our magnetic abilities and the air of attraction around us by working with these energies. The drive to live independently and according to our own terms is enhanced by Pluto's aspect to the Leo moon. Choose the course that you most strongly believe in and that you know to be true.

Full & new Moons often have a strong energy, especially if they're having a strong aspect in your natal chart. To check that look on Astro seek to see where this is happening in your natal Chart.

-There is equal chance for manifestation and intentional ritual work at each moon phase, the Full Moon offers us the opportunity to release the lower vibrations of both astrological signs involved and implement their higher vibrations. They are also considered a period of climax & can be a time where you can be grateful for all the blessings within your life.

Tips for using the ritual guides. Every moon cycle has a distinct name and significance, so I base My rituals guides & intention-setting on that moon's energy.

-Your guide to making your own Ritual for Leo Full Moon -

A powerful approach to establish your spirituality is to create your own rituals. However, for some it's unfamiliar ground. Keep in mind that the point of a ritual is to set an intention. This guide can be used to create your own ritual. By including any of these suggested tools in your practice.

-How to create your own ritual -

Use this as a guide meaning take what resonates and leave what does not. You can utilize any of these tools for ritual or intention setting purposes .

* You can work with Crystals, Herbs & Tarot Cards by concentrating on their energy while holding them in your hand or putting them on an altar, desk, etc. you can also carry them with you in your car, purse, pocket, or even your bath.

-also note you do not need to purchase any of these tools to work with them You can also utilize pictures of them as well.

Suggested Crystals - Tiger's Eye Pyrite Carnelian Rose Quartz, cats eye, ruby, gold,

* You can work with Crystals & Tarot Cards by concentrating on their energy while holding them in your hand or putting them on an altar, desk, etc. you can also carry them with you in your car, purse, pocket, or even your bath. -You can also utilize pictures of them if you don't have any.

-Tarot Cards-

are an accessible magical tool for rituals, Manifestation & spellwork.one way is by utilizing the symbology, you can channel the energy associated with the cards.

Tarot cards for Leo

The Sun -Strength, 5 of Wands, 6 of Wands, 7 of Wands & Knight of Wands

-Astroherbalism -

-Herbs ruled by Leo Or the Sun -

These are herbs that embody the energy of a sign-Saffron, peppermint, laurel, marigold, eye bright, chamomile, daffodil, yellow lily, poppy,Sunflower,Calendula, St. Joan’s Wort, Rue, Rosemary, Angelica, Linden .

- Rituals of leo-

These are suggested ritual and magical actions you might take to tap into the energy of a sign- set intentions for Success, prosperity,luck, creativity & happiness.

Things we can do to tap into leos energy is to connect to our inner child by doing things that expand our hearts or bring us immense joy.