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Full Moon in Capricorn  

July 3, 04:39 PT/ 07:39 AM ET

As the celestial spotlight shines upon the night sky, we welcome the Full Moon in Capricorn, bringing a powerful culmination of energies on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. This cosmic event calls forth the blend of practicality and emotional depth, leading us towards a profound understanding of our ambitions and responsibilities.

Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Saturn, provides us with a unique opportunity to harness our inner strength, determination, and discipline. Like the wise mountain goat, scaling the peaks with unwavering determination, this Full Moon inspires us to conquer our goals and aspirations with resilience and focus.

We are presented with harmonious trines to Jupiter and Saturn during this favorable Full Moon. The moon's trine to Jupiter heightens the impression of expansion and spiritual growth. This beneficent side pushes us to pursue higher truths and embrace personal freedom, opening our minds to new possibilities and adventures on our self-discovery path.

Under the glow of this illuminating lunar phase, you may find yourself drawn to the realm of career and long-term achievements. This is the time to recognize your accomplishments and celebrate your hard work and dedication. Accept the successes that have brought you to this point, acknowledging the obstacles you've faced and the lessons you've learned.

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