Eclipse Guide

With so many People talking about Eclipse let's break down what they mean Astrologically & why so many Astrologers may be telling you not to manifest.

Before I Talk about Eclipses let me introduce myself. Hi, my Name is Desiree, I am The Creatrix of The Witches Boutique. I have been practicing Tarot & Astrology Since 2012. The Witches Boutique is where I give back to the community While debunking myths and misconceptions. By offering a combination of astrological insight, and metaphysical enlightenment through my articles & teachings. My intention is to help others reestablish contact with spirituality, As there is prejudice against non-Christian spiritual practices. I am teaching readers while making spirituality approachable for the curious, inexperienced, and everyone in between.


A lunar or Solar eclipse occurs when one heavenly body passes through the shadow of another. A lunar eclipse can only happen during Full moon and a solar eclipse can only happen during a new moon.

During a lunar Eclipse The sunlight that the Moon ordinarily reflects is blocked by the Earth as it passes in front of the Sun and the Moon. The Moon's surface is covered with Earth's shadow rather than light.

During a solar Eclipse the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth blocking the light of the Sun from reaching Earth. As a result The Moon casts a shadow on Earth making a solar eclipse, or eclipse of the Sun.

Eclipse are known as Super Charged Full & New Moons. In Astrology to have the capacity to cause quick changes and tremendous growth spurts. These cosmic events are frequently accompanied by surprising discoveries, abrupt ends, and thrilling new beginnings that help us reawaken to our true purpose. Lunar eclipses and Solar eclipses both take place when the sun's apparent path across the sky, or the ecliptic, and either a new or full moon exactly line up. Solar eclipses always occur during a new moon, while lunar eclipses always occur during a full moon. Eclipses also line up with the South Node and the North Node. Which are astrological points that denote speed, growth, destiny & the opposing point signifying decrease, your past or past lives.


Every month we experience the cycles of the full moon and the new moon. New moons typically represent a blank canvas, this is a time of creation & manifestation. When you establish intentions for the weeks to come until the following full moon, the full moon is always a time where you release the things that are no longer in alignment with us & are the best time to do ritual cleansing and charge crystals ect.

However, if you follow a lot of astrologers, you might have seen some posts or videos that suggested avoiding your regular moon rituals or manifestation techniques during a solar or lunar eclipse. The belief that eclipse energy is too erratic to work with is what discourages people from manifesting during an eclipse. Instead of attempting to overcome forces that are far stronger than you are, you should take a step back and let the universe bring about unavoidable changes. Some also think that when you manifest during the eclipse season, or that unfavorable outcomes or energetic backlash may materialize instead of what you had hoped for.


Due to the numerous realignments and insights we encounter in a short period of time during Eclipse Season, it can be chaotic, powerful, and often challenging. Now I alway want to be honest with you, change can be difficult. This is why eclipses have a bad reputation, but as long as you are open to flowing with the universe you will be okay. Because eclipses can be predictors of enlightenment and significant life changes, they have gotten a bad reputation & have been used unfortunately for Spiritual Abuse.I always encourage you to look at the past eclipses because this is something that has already happened before.

You can do this Using Astro Seek


Astrology is a tool used spiritually and for many centuries used as a tool to spread fear and misinformation. Its people Like Christopher Columbus who weaponized the knowledge of astrology for spiritual Abuse. Spiritual abuse is something that started Hundreds of years ago, when the Church laid the foundation for centuries of brutal colonization worldwide. With the doctrine that it was O.K. to use spiritual abuse to manipulate or control others. Because of the way authority is distributed in these spiritual communities, leaders frequently mistreat others without being held accountable. There is a complex power dynamic at work when a leader has the power to tell you what to do inside your community, that God/ the Divine might be furious with you, or that you will allow chaos into your life. This frequently silences abuse victims and makes it more difficult for them to come forward and disclose abuse.

Observing abuse in a spiritual setting can be challenging at times. It gets more difficult in bigger, more established spiritual institutions. To determine whether your spiritual group has abusive dynamics, consider the following questions:-Do they degrade other faiths and ways of thinking in order to uphold their own?-Are you experiencing more shame and guilt than love and a sense of belonging?-Is there a threat of slander and/or a damaged reputation?-Are you being told that you are worth less than someone else for a variety of reasons based on their belief system? -Is diversity of beliefs accepted? -Do they not let you have your own beliefs? or do they dominate your beliefs?

If you have found yourself answering yes to these questions you can be experiencing spiritual abuse & you may want to reach out to someone. It may not be safe for you to immediately leave- racing out to a professional who can help you organize a way to leave.


Eclipses happen two to three times a year so if you decide not to do anything there will always be another. It's crucial to keep in mind that you always have the choice whether to act or not since eclipses will present situations in which you feel driven to respond, just like all cosmic events. You always have the power to direct the flow of energy as you see fit. Keep in mind that by aligning with the universe, you are the one who co-creates.

Establish your own Spirituality

A powerful approach to establish your spirituality is to create your own rituals. However, for some it's unfamiliar ground. Keep in mind that the point of a ritual is to set an intention. This guide can be used to create your own ritual. By including any of these suggested tools in your practice. Use this as a guide meaning take what resonates and leave what does not. You can utilize any of these tools for ritual or intention setting purposes. Crystals, Herbs & Tarot Cards all can be used by concentrating on their energy while holding them in your hand or putting them on an altar, desk, etc. you can also carry them with you in your car, purse, pocket, or even your bath. Remember pictures can be utilized as well you do not need to purchase everything for creating your own rituals.